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What is the best Social Media for my business in 2023?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I hear this great question almost daily! There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer.

There are, however, a couple of quick tips to hone in on what is best for your business:

Tip #1 - Where is Your Target Audience Spending Time?

I love the expression: "Fish where the fish are." What social platforms already have their attention and eyeballs and earballs of your demographic? For example, if your small business is ‘business’ oriented, you may want to concentrate on LinkedIn. If your biz is more aesthetic — for example, a nutritionist sharing recipes — Pinterest might be a good launch pad.

Tip #2 - Where are You Most Comfortable?

If you LOVE making videos and are comfortable speaking to a camera, then a video platform like YouTube or TicTok is a great place to start. If you are more inclined to write prolific, short form content, then perhaps Twitter is your jam. As with most things, you are far more likely to be successful if you play to your strengths.

Tip #3 - Don't Try To Be Everywhere All At Once

I have seen so many entrepreneurs burn out at the three or four month mark because they tried to be on too many social media platforms at the same time. To sound like a coach: walk before you run. Take small steps to get started and maintain a sustainable pace. Then, once you are comfortable with one social presence, and have the breadth to expand, do so with confidence and power.


Some Social Media Business Stats for 2023:

1) Facebook:

  • 2.9 billion monthly active users

  • Key features: Facebook Business Page, Facebook Ads

  • 18.2% of adults in the US made a purchase through Facebook last year

  • 66% of Facebook users visit a local business page at least once a week

  • Most developed channel for organic and paid social marketing

  • Prioritizing e-commerce shopping via Facebook Shops

2) YouTube:

  • 2.29 billion monthly active users

  • Key features: YouTube Analytics, YouTube ads

  • 70% of viewers have bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube

  • 77% of people aged 15-35 use YouTube

  • Second-largest search engine in the world

  • Advertisements before or in the middle of original videos, similar to TV ads

  • DIY marketers need time, money, and talent to succeed

3) Instagram:

  • 1.22 billion monthly active users

  • Key features: Instagram Carousels, Instagram Ads

  • On average Instagram business accounts see 1.69% follower growth each month

  • 44% of users shop on Instagram weekly

  • Important for social commerce

  • Strong visual identity is key

4) TikTok:

  • 1 billion monthly active users

  • Key features: TikTok Shopping, TikTok Ads

  • 43% of TikTok users are aged 18 to 24

  • TikTok ads reach 1 billion adults each month

  • Explosive growth since launch in 2017

  • Popular among teenagers and Gen Z

  • Future uncertain due to controversial privacy practices

5) WhatsApp:

  • Over 2 billion monthly active users

  • Leading messaging app in most of the world, (not yet North America!)

  • End-to-end encryption to protect users' conversations

  • Popular tool for personal and business communication

6) Facebook Messanger:

  • 1.3 billion monthly active users

  • Key features: Messenger Ads, Instant Scan

  • 64% of people expect to be able to message brands for customer service

  • Messenger ads have the potential to reach 987.7 million users

7) Twitter:

  • 436 million monthly active users

  • Key features: Twitter Revue/Newsletter, Twitter Spotlight

  • 54% of Twitter's audience will likely purchase new products

  • CPM is the lowest out of all the major platforms

  • 90% of Americans have heard of Twitter, 21% use it

  • Customer Service may be an opportunity

8) SnapChat:

  • 557 million monthly active users

  • Key features: Business Manager, Snapcode

  • Users have over $4.4 trillion in "spending power"

  • Advertising audience is 54.4% female

  • Camera-first, disappearing content app

  • Loyal user base, 82% under 34

  • Popular among Gen Z

9) Pinterest:

  • 442 million monthly active users

  • Key features: Story Pins, Try On Pins

  • Userbase is 77% female

  • 75% of weekly users are shopping on the platform

  • Digital vision board app

  • Experiencing user growth during the pandemic

  • 92% of advertisers agree it has the most positive reputation of any social media app

10) LinkedIn:

  • 756 million members

  • Key features: LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn Live Events

  • 25% of all American adults use LinkedIn

  • 22% of those use it every single day

  • Represents huge opportunity for brands

  • Only 1% of users create content, resulting in 9 billion impressions

  • Rising popularity as a social media site for professionals

There is no denying that it is an exciting time for businesses to embrace the power and potential of social media. Final tips? Get started. Experiment. Be bold, and have fun.

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