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sparkling Caribbean beach and water

Unshakable optimist dedicated to making your business ROAR.

The best advice I can offer? Start before you are completely ready.
Perfection is the opposite of progress.

Proudest accomplishment? Raising three wild, unique and cool humans. (And backpacking around the world with them in 2017-18).

I have worked with the big players: Starbucks, Coke, and General Motors to name a few. And I became a Creative Director for the first time at age 40+ (when only 3% of CDs were women). 

But I love, love, love working with small businesses and especially women entrepreneurs. That is where the real innovation and action happen.

After years of working in big agencies, coming home exhausted, and not seeing enough of the family I adore, I said au revoir and never looked back.

Since then I have focused on growing emerging brands, solopreneurs and startups. I love everything about the entrepreneurial spirit.

Born and raised in a small equestrian town near Toronto, Canada, I have lived in five countries and traveled to 40+. My favorite destinations are the ones that don’t appear in The Lonely Planet.

Sunny McGaw

Hi, I'm Sunny.

My Promises to You:


Together we will get results.

You want results and I want you to get them. 

Working together you will get the experience of my 25+ years of top-tier business strategies. (Partial client list here). Together, we'll make sure you're not just getting results, but exceeding your wildest expectations.

Believe the hype!
You bring the drive and ambition, and I’ll bring the creativity and strategy to get you there. So, ready to make some waves? Let's make it happen, results are waiting.


Together we will be BOLD.

There is one thing that I know for sure when it comes to high-performing businesses: Different is better than better.


I will encourage you to lean into your wild, authentic self. To emphasize your strengths, learnings, and all that makes you and your brand interesting.

After all, as an entrepreneur, your business really is a reflection of you. 

What makes you unique is what makes you special, memorable and better.


Together we will keep it real.

Here’s something that I decided a while ago and it has been a GAME CHANGER for my life and business – I turn away clients whose business model is not a good fit for my services and values. 

If I believe that your business is better off investing in other strategies, services, or providers – I’ll be the first to tell you. 


Being upfront about the investment, time, and resources required to deliver the best solutions is my top priority. 

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A little trivia...

Sunny McGaw and brother Mike

Siblings, 1970s

Sunny McGaw, TEDx Talk

My first TEDx Talk

Sunny McGaw in Cambodia

River living, Cambodia

A Little Trivia...

Childhood Dream Job:

Cartographer, (‘map making’ — combines two of my favorite things: travel and creativity!)

Hidden Talent:

I can get rid of anyone’s hiccups in under one minute. Serious skill.

Biggest Failure:

Not one, but TWO failed tech start ups. (A LOT of learning occurred).


Rescue mutt — shepherd, lab, hound: "Indy", rescue cat: "Rooster".

Unusual Experience:

Spent the night in jail in Venice at age 18, (it was all a misunderstanding, I swear).

Charity I Support:

Many! But my current favorite is ‘Waves for Warmth’ in Toronto, Canada.

Best Covid Learning?

I took Seth Godin's altMBA and it knocked my socks off. Highly recommend!

2nd best Covid Learning:

How NOT to un-alive houseplants. A lot of trial and error, but I did it!

My First Job:

Teaching archery at Club Med, Dominican Republic. 
It was a blast!

Sunny McGaw, Club Med archery

Teaching archery, D.R.

Sunny McGaw, cottage

Cottage Life, (my fave)

Sunny McGaw, Neuchatel Junior College

Making art, Switzerland

Where to next?

Check out my services:

Want some help growing your business organically?

You’re in luck—that’s my jam. 

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From social media strategy to SEO tools and habits for successful biz, this blog has you covered.

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Want to learn more? Chit-chat about marketing, business, AI, blogs, or just about anything else?

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