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Ideas without actions are WORTHLESS

In the world of entrepreneurship, having a brilliant idea alone is not enough to succeed. In fact, it is all but worthless, (ACTION is the answer).

Sunny McGaw on a beach with the words: Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration.

Ideas are almost worthless without action, and that is where most aspiring entrepreneurs fall short.

According to a recent survey by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, only 13% of people who start a business actually bring their ideas to fruition.

The vast majority of them get stuck in the ideation phase and never take the necessary steps to turn their vision into reality.

If you are serious about achieving success as an entrepreneur, it's time to shift your focus from ideas to action. It's time to put in the effort, sweat, and hard work required to bring your idea to life. Here are three steps you can take to start making progress today:

1. Make a plan. The first step to turning your idea into reality is to create a plan. Set clear, actionable goals (more on Backwards Goal-Setting) and create a roadmap for how you'll achieve them. Break your plan down into small, manageable steps that you can work on each day. As the famous quote goes, "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

2. Take consistent action — even when you 'don't feel like it'. The is a frequently missing key to success. If you commit to consistent, intentional action toward your goals, you must take consistent, intentional action toward your goals. Whether it's reaching out to potential customers, building your product, or refining your marketing strategy, make sure you're making progress every day. It's important to stay focused, even when the going gets tough. (More Productivity Hacks here).

According to a study by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year's resolutions. The key to success is not just making the resolution, but consistently taking action toward achieving it. This applies to entrepreneurship as well, (and any other endeavor in life worth a damn) — it's not just about having an idea, it's about consistently taking action to turn that idea into a reality.

3. Get feedback and adjust course. As you take action, be open to feedback and adjust course as needed. Don't be afraid to pivot if something isn't working. Remember, the goal is to bring your idea to life, and sometimes that means making changes along the way. As the saying goes, "Fail fast, fail often, and fail forward."

In the words of the renowned entrepreneur Richard Branson, "Screw it, let's do it."

Stop waiting for the perfect time and start taking action toward your goals. Remember, ideas are almost worthless without action. It's time to start sweating, (***swearing***), working hard, and bringing your big, amazing, world-changing idea to life.


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